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Kepler North – Whisper | Mirror Universe

Through his music moniker ‘Kepler North’, sound designer Joshua Davidson just released a new track called ‘Whisper’. The curve that the track has is the most beautiful feature of it. It begins softly with a seductive voice timbre that instantly transports you to the ambiance. Slowly, the rhythm rises up with a few whispered syllables, creating an intriguing texture bed. As the groove progresses, we find ourselves entirely immersed in the groove’s feel, tapping along the way. The melodic lines on the synthetic tones or the vocal chops wonderfully fill the voids, raising the overall atmosphere of the song, keeping the motion thrilling. Furthermore, the tones’ ear-pleasing nature keeps our ears glued to space.

The groove is a key component in establishing the track’s feel. The groove arrangements have a strong presence of ideas, which gives it that additional swing. The use of modest syncopation and polyrhythmic components throughout the groove keeps it intriguing. I was ecstatic to hear how syllables are incorporated in the rhythm, which adds a lot of fun to the tune. 

The entire mood allows you to completely immerse yourself in the world of such tempting tones. Piano’s addictiveness adds a great pleasant colour to the soundscape. Overall, I enjoyed being in the mood as I continued to listen to the song. I’m hoping that the tune will fully immerse a lot of listeners. The mood would be the prime motivator for our ears to sweep through the parallel blocks of sound.

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