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The Tell Alls – Modern Day Mother Teresa |

Following the release of their debut album “Feeding Frenzy” in 2006, The Tell Alls took quite a long break and weren’t as active until 2020. They have released three new singles since and are now out with their first track of the year titled, “Modern Day Mother Teresa”. The band is known for their classic rock-inspired, singer-songwriter sound that often features playful lyrics and an eclectic selection of rhythms. On their latest release, The Tell Alls showcase a simple, easy-on-the-ears composition that’s bound to get you in a good mood!

The track begins with a soothing slide guitar and raw acoustic drums. Right from the start of the track, there’s an intimate tone to the instruments, almost as if you’re listening to the performance in a live setting; something that’s quite rare these days! The track’s catchy rhythm is supported by a bright acoustic guitar and some subtle piano fillers that colour up the frequencies nicely.

As the title suggests, the lyrics explore a story about a “Modern Day Mother Teresa” – one who doesn’t work for personal gain and is “pure” in every way. After a few catchy choruses, the track also features a dramatic instrumental bridge with guitars and keys; a nice transition for the final chorus.

The Tell Alls keep the spirit of 80s/90s classic rock/pop alive with their songs. With simple lyrics and engaging music, they constantly deliver enjoyable performances that appeal to a wide range of listeners from around the world. I’m sure the fans are quite eager to hear more from the band, and soon!

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