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Mim Davies – Built on a Floodplain | Tuneful Rebellion 

Mim Davies, a UK based singer and songwriter, makes fine use of music to portray herself as an artist but more importantly as a human. Her 2021 EP Built on a Floodplain explores subjects close to her heart. Here’s why it deserves some love.  

Her previously preserved viewpoints come to light in this compilation of some iconic tracks. Mim Davies weaves together some fragments of her memories, experiences, highs and lows, with music that’s poignant, calm. The 4 mellifluous songs that are acoustic in general also seem to have some rock undertones. The first thing that I noticed about this EP is its acoustic quality that has an almost transcendental effect on you if you are into melodious music. If you have an ear for music, you will notice the subtleties in these tracks that ultimately contribute to their fineness. Davies’ vocals is an altogether separate reason why Built on a Floodplain hits differently. Her beautiful voice makes the songs all the more appealing. Moreover, the little techniques that she has used here and there have given the tracks a distinct charm. 

The lyrics of Built on a Floodplain are intense. Davies talks about fatphobia in “Big Boned”. “I am not mad, I am big boned” is a powerful satire that makes it certain that it is not easy to be in society too particular about appearance. This first track on the EP is a fine peaceful track but at the same time a song that addresses important subjects through blunt words. It feels like a mellow, tuneful rebellion. Through this first track, you could easily gauge Davies’ ingenuity as a singer and songwriter and what to expect in the following tracks. 

“Shouting Through Walls” is one of the most poignant tracks. The lyrics of this track evokes strange melancholy that almost feels unexplainable. Sung brilliantly, this song stirs some deep emotions. It feels like a perfect song for days you are struggling to find meaning in the mundaneness of life. 

One great thing about the songs is that they have been written brilliantly. The tracks feel deeply personal yet are so relatable. Mim Davies through these soulful tracks presents her bittersweet feelings about love and life. Melodious tunes have a magical effect. The amalgamation of all the bittersweet things that Davies talks about and magical, calming tunes leave you spellbound. 

Similarly, No World but Here and Powys Sky are other soulful tracks that are staggering, sombre, yet lift your spirits at the same time. 

Built on a Floodplain is an EP that feels like a classic. A sombre rendition of things you wanted to say but didn’t and feel deeply about. Despite being an EP that feels personal, it has an extraordinary capability of being related to. Moreover, with rich musical textures, there is so much to explore in these tracks. 

Overall, this EP is a great listen if you are into sombre, acoustic, and soulful tracks that feel hopeless and hopeful at the same time. And oh, yeah, Mim Davies’ excellent vocals is going to be the highlight of your listen! 

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