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Makram-Beverly-Live Acoustic
Makram-Beverly-Live Acoustic
Makram-Beverly-Live Acoustic

Makram-Beverly-Live Acoustic | In pursuit of memory

Makram takes a bit of space in your psyche. Don’t worry, it’s all in good nature. His lyrics dilute the feeling of longing and earnest love uniformly, and his tracks are a simple translation of feeling. Like it used to be long ago. This is his latest single, Beverly-Live Acoustic. He bares his soul to us.

Born in California but raised in Beirut, Lebanon-his perspective makes his songs interesting. Watching through the keyhole of an immigrant-we see a textural layer of language barriers dissolving within his simple prose. In this track, he sits down for an acoustic track, just the guitar and his voice. The poetics include a lot of shifts within his powerful baritone, yet the inflections highlight the humane premise around the track.

I had listened to Serj Tankian from SOAD on a podcast long ago. The reason I bring this up is the language of thought. The lyrics are so much more interesting because of them being in Makram’s original tongue. Being undeniably multilingual, he has found a common ground for his music to speak another language. Of the heart. Each moment is a different fissure of a separate memory, and Makram does it justice with his single.

Listen to the beautiful rendition here:

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