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Makram-Gwen | With a few lines of prose

Makram needs no introduction, partly owing to the previous review of his acoustic track, Beverly. With roots of an immigrant, his view on music and lyricism should be your takeaway associated with this artist. There is a fabulous connection made with the beat and melody-where he defragments the moments to associate with separately. This is his latest single, Gwen.

This is a pop number, but not like any other. Sure, it has a core melody and a catchy beat that is an earworm, but pay close attention to lyrics by Makram. They paint a picture of a person you’ve never met, with lyrics you’ve never heard before. I don’t mean the song lyrics, the way they’re written. This allows you to take a peek at something unique and special, something cooking in this man’s head. He knows that he’s in your head for all the right reasons, and this new edge is one of them.

His latest release is Foreverland, but that isn’t the news you want to hear. Is his music worth diving into? If you seek something unique, then definitely. Is it all good? They are tunes and words you’ve never heard before-so yes, do explore. This might be a 2021 single, but it is a gem you’ll like to keep close. A portrait of someone you never knew.

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