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Flora Releases an Iconic Pop Track ‘Easy’
Flora Releases an Iconic Pop Track ‘Easy’

Flora Releases an Iconic Pop Track ‘Easy’

Flora, with her ever-simplistic yet intriguing approach to music, has always managed to garner love and affection for her music. Her music which often ties together various motifs and a wide variety of emotional snippets provides a great soothing space for her listeners. 

Recently, Flora released a great pop song called ‘Easy’. A slow-paced, mellow, contemporary, pop track with a very chilled back and casual vibe. It is a song that one would listen to to lighten up their mood or to just energise their spirits. 

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To really feel this song, you got to listen to it on repeat and really let it unfurl its magic bit by bit. It is one of those songs that reveal their joy only when you listen to them on a loop. Only then the more intricate elements are revealed and only then the various layers are discovered.
With a lot of cool soundscapes, the song just is quite laid back. Muffled vocals and muffled soundscapes do perfectly complement the overall vibe of the track. You would absolutely love this song if you are into pop music. ‘Easy’ is a very refreshing take on contemporary music that will surely be a treat for those who have an ear for innovative music. 
With a lot of musical appeal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t listen to this song.

Listen to this song right here: 

Also, checkout the official video of Easy right here:

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