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Angles by Wild Horse
Angles by Wild Horse

‘Angles’ by Wild Horse: The Epitome of Indie Music Infusing Retro Vibes with Modern Sonic Artistry

Get ready to ride the funky wave with indie trio Wild Horse! Their guitar pop is infused with the vibrant energy of kids raised on hip-hop beats and classic 60s/70s Brit Rock vinyls. Listening to Wild Horse is like donning a sharp suit and lighting up a cigarette before a night out – it’s electrifying. Brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin, along with their best friend Ed Barnes, formed the band in Sussex, Southern England, and have been wowing crowds since their teenage years. With numerous hit tracks and support from BBC Intros, BBC local shows, RadioX, Caroline, Amazing, and many other stations worldwide, Wild Horse is set to take the world by storm.

Wild Horse has unleashed a sonic gem with their latest single, “Angles.” A stunning musical creation that’s sure to captivate and enthrall even the most discerning music aficionados.

The track opens with blissful guitar riffs that set the tone for what’s to come. As the soulful vocals kick in, you’re immediately transported to another world where passion and emotion reign supreme. The chorus is an absolute triumph, lifting the song to new heights and enveloping listeners in its infectious energy.

Lyrically, “Angles” delves into the complexities of love and the struggle to reveal one’s true feelings. It’s a powerful exploration of the human condition, where vulnerability and courage collide.

Wild Horse’s performance is nothing short of phenomenal, with raw and heartfelt vocals that tug at the heartstrings and perfectly executed instrumentation that showcases the band’s incredible talent.

This indie gem is the epitome of quality and creativity. It’s a track that manages to capture the essence of retro vibes while still feeling fresh and modern. From the soaring guitar riffs to the pulsating drum beats, “Angles” is a true masterpiece of sonic art.

Enjoy listening to “Angles” by Wild Horse here.

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