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Sky is Blue
Sky is Blue

“Sky is Blue”, a new single by the multi-genre band “Mumbo”

Mumbo is a wonderful band from the city of London, U.K. The trio was formed in 2021 by vocalist and violinist, Emma Semple followed by guitarist/bassist, Dough MacGowan. Later joined by the Italian drummer Antonio Dale in 2022. The band has gained a huge following on Spotify as they consistently release their unique blend of music. Their influences come from all genres such as blues, jazz, indie folk, and rock. 

Mumbo debuted with their album “I Fly with Swallows” released in 2021 and have released multiple singles since then. They are back with yet another masterpiece called “Sky is Blue”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a classic cowboy-style acoustic guitar intro that soon transitions into a low-key psychedelic rock track. The vocals of Emma kick in with drums and a lot of different instruments. The melody is addictive and smooth and has kind of a flowy movement to it. The song lifts up with vocals, drums, guitars, and bass. The song seems to move forward without any effort, everything keeps moving on itself flawlessly. The song is slow but groovy as the track is produced in that particular way. The production is top-notch with so much instrumentation in it but sounds well blended and architected. It is a perfect song to listen to for late sleepers.

Mumbo has made an excellent track and is surely worth listening to at least once.

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