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Aurelia – OUT4BLOOD | Electrifying
Aurelia – OUT4BLOOD | Electrifying

Aurelia – OUT4BLOOD | Electrifying

Aurelia is a fantastic solo project of the singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist, Gabriella Bavaro. Born and based in New York, Gabriella has put a lot of work into Aurelia which took almost 2 years to develop. After suffering through a lot of personal issues, she finally had a major push to bring Aurelia to life and began songwriting. Her music can be described as a blend of electronic and experimental with hints of sounds from all over the world. 

 2021 was the year Aurelia released her first “Wax” which was an instant success. Since then, she has released a number of singles and is back with yet another banger called OUT4BLOOD featuring Icarus Moth. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with some sort of eerie atmospheric pads and a dark chord progression that adds up to the eeriness. The vocals of Aurelia kick in soon with a lot of power. Her voice has incredible energy and a little bit of gruffness. The melody is amazing and suits perfectly for the song. Soon the song surprises you with a crazy drop. The song suddenly rises to be a piece of spectacular electronic music. The beat rushes to your brain and gives you so much energy with bass shivering your spine. It is an absolute rush of blood. OUT4BLOOD defines Aurelia’s music to its core and the production is just phenomenal. The song keeps you hooked till the very last second and for all the good reasons. It’s a song you don’t want to miss listening to. 

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