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Robbie Rapids is a singer/guitarist from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Currently pursuing his music scene in Atlanta, Georgia. Robbie describes his music as jangly pop-rock, inspired by the music of Tom Petty, Oasis, David Bowie, etc. His devotion to keep the good old music alive is so remarkable. 

Robbie Rapids is a rising artist who is defining his music by his debut single “Who Shot Them Down”. For his debut, he has collaborated with the renowned session artist and musician David Levene who was a former member of the legendary rock band “Laghonia” back in the late 60s. 

Who Shot Them Down is a song that reminisces the vintage rock music vibe. The song has a very simple approach to its production. Talking about the key elements of the song, it starts with a powerful and fast guitar riff with an overdrive effect followed by a groovy drumbeat. The intro of the song is enough to dive into the world of rock music. Soon the deep vocals of Robbie fill in with some amazing harmonies singing the title of the song. The song has quite an authentic chord progression that makes it sound more vintage and groovy. The guitar work is done so well that it carries the song throughout.

Who Shot Them Down is inspired by a book called Arc Road by Tony Tiffin. It is about a shooting that happened in Gwinnett County, Georgia on April 17 1964 where three police officers were shot down with their own guns by three men. The ability to write a song about these events showcases the songwriting skills of Rapids. The song is truly a gem with one of the best production and storytelling. It’s a must-listen for every rock fan who is looking for some new music. 

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