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Justin Curran – Strange Kind of Blues | Modern   Country Music
Justin Curran – Strange Kind of Blues | Modern   Country Music

Justin Curran – Strange Kind of Blues | Modern Country Music

Justin Curran is a singer/songwriter and a passionate musician from Belfast, North Ireland. He is a huge fan of country music. He is massively influenced by the modern Britpop which has led him to describe his music as alternative country. Justin is an independent recording artist who records from his home studio. 

“Strange Kind of Blues” is the latest single by Justin Curran. The name speaks for itself and is exactly how someone would anticipate it. Strange Kind of Blues is a song that has a very British vibe in terms of how it is written. 

The song has a strong vintage feeling as if it’s a song from the 80s. The alternative country vibe shows that Justin is influenced by the bands from the same era. The song starts with some sounds of someone throwing pieces of stones into a lake which is a bit unusual. Soon a wobbly note on a synth pops in with percussions and high hats of the drum. The sheer suddenness of the big, heavy vocals of Justin and the loud acoustic guitar makes up for the surprise element. 

The song is very uplifting and has a large blues feeling in it. The powerful drums and vocals combined with rhythm guitar are the core of the song. Snippets of harmonica and the vintage organ defines the genre of the song. Strange Kind of Blues is a perfect blend of country, blues, and alt-rock music. Justin Curran has done fantastic work on the song. 

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