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Pale Lanterns -Neon | Variegated

Pale Lanterns have released a new song called “Neon,” which is really lovely. Darragh Donnelly’s band, formed in 2018, strives to compose unique songs that combine aspects of indie, rock, and alternative pop music. The song’s true beauty lies in its sound design. It simply transfers you to an another realm. The tones are intriguing enough to keep the listener engaged throughout the song. The lyrics is straightforward, yet the structure is out of the conventional. The vocal lines seamlessly transition to instrumental portions, giving the impression that a dialogue is going place. There are pleasant surprises when the part transitions from electronic to acoustic components, resulting in an intriguing hybrid sound.

The synthetic textural uses of sounds have a significant influence across the board. Furthermore, the sonic design complements the guitar solos admirably. Over the guitar melodies, the saw swelling pads captivated me. The groove design holds all of the layers together effectively. The song’s flow is fluid, making it quite enjoyable to listen to. Many aspects from many genres are tinged throughout the tune; for example, as the track nears its climax, we hear sounds from the 1980s disco era. However, they are contemporary sounds that would appeal to many listeners. In a live setting, the song would be spectacular. So I’m hoping that the song reaches a large audience and that we finally see the band perform the song live in fantastic venues.

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