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Anita Eccleston – Long Nights | Christmas season

Anita Eccleston sings “Long Nights,” a really beautiful laid-back jazzy Christmas tune that will lead your heart to tears of joy. The whole effect is breathtaking. The arrangement just serves to complement the melody, not to disrupt the underlying melody’s movement. The harmonic choices, which have such precision and clarity, have a significant impact on the song’s colour. The clarity has maintained the feeling throughout. The composition has infused the song with a lot of warmth and holiday cheer. The writing nearly conjures up a beautiful picture of Christmas winters that move you to your core.

Anita Eccleston is a vocalist, instrumentalist, composer, and arranger with a wide variety of skills. She was born in Kamloops and reared in a musical family that supported her musical interests when she discovered the trumpet and vocal jazz. She pursued it in Montreal, where she studied at McGill University, before settling in Vancouver, where she released her debut solo record, Jazz EP (2011).

“Long Nights,” her most recent piece, pushes the limit further with its tranquillity and delicate attention to detail. There are a lot of goosebumps moments in the brass section. The sound of the bells immediately sets the tone. The cello wraps itself around the tune, creating a strong emotional bond. The guitar rhythms get the river flowing, while the delicate drumming keeps us focused on the melody’s subtleties. Overall, the song has a lot of dynamics and never sounds too flawless; rather, the performance is maintained natural and fluid so that the listeners may fully appreciate the music.

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