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Roger Ricks-Break the Cycle
Roger Ricks-Break the Cycle
Roger Ricks-Break the Cycle

Roger Ricks-Break the Cycle | The flip side

Roger Ricks is a true rockstar. I would say that just by listening to the immensely choreographed song I heard, but it doesn’t just stop there. Roger is using his music to change the world, literally. The humanitarian/artist donates to schoolprojekt for every listen of a song. He’s helped tons of kids so far, doing what he loves and you enjoying what he makes. Break the Cycle is that story personified.

We could talk about the odds of millionaire bands spending wads of cash on cocaine and other cred. But this is about Roger Ricks. He was a kid with a dream, and a guitar. Listening to Guns ‘N Roses & Clapton, he knew this is what he wanted to do. Are we glad he did it? You listen to the track and tell me.

With the blues infused attack of all blues-fusion and classic rock bands, Roger’s Bon Jovi like voice is a relief. It also plays immensely well with the monstrous effort he puts for Break the Cycle. Laced with positive lyrics of overcoming hardships and struggles we face, he wants us to make the change to be it. The bridge is a great ode to the band he loves, and the switch to acoustic just brings in the late 80’s, early 90’s vibe people used to go gaga for.

I usually don’t mince words with this art. The artist has put effort in, I’m expected to speak my truth here. It gives me the greatest pleasure that my job involves listening to artists who can make a change that thinks beyond their art. Roger Ricks isn’t waiting for change in a strong gust of fate. He is the change we can expect to see in artists. He has broken the cycle.

Listen to his bluesy-rock track Break the Cycle here:

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