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Chip Pirrs - When in Rome | Intense
Chip Pirrs - When in Rome | Intense

Chip Pirrs – When in Rome | Intense

Chip Pirrs is an Indianapolis-born and New York-based singer and songwriter who is known for his authentic musical styles and abundant talent. With fresh songs that stir you to the core, Chip Pirrs is gaining a fanbase slowly but surely. 

Pirrs’ recent release is a single called When in Rome. It is a song that makes you dream of a tropical breeze caressing your skin and the fresh smell of summer flowers, yet it has a very gloomy tone. The musicality hits you from the very beginning and makes you grow sombre in the most unimaginable ways. The emotion that this song evokes is perhaps unmatchable and that’s the beauty of it. Slow pace, refined tunes, extraordinary soundscapes, everything transports you to another world in no time, and when you return you realise why that space felt so magical. The lyrics are soft and emotional and perfectly complement the vibe of the track that’s ever so steady. 

Chip has done a great job at the vocals. Ultra soft and tender vocals are sung with much care and devotion to give this song a dreamy effect that’s simply incomparable. You would want to listen to this song on repeat to fully devour the magic that the vocals create. 

The stellar production of this track makes sure that everything is well executed and comes to the surface in an impeccable way. You would love this track if you like laid-back and intense music that takes you somewhere else!

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