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Meat in Space – Chromium Dioxide

Meat in Space is a DIY rock project where the musician writes all of the songs, plays all of the instruments, records to tape, and produces everything independently. The inspiration behind the project goes back to the musician’s teenage years, where he spent hours playing guitar every day, writing riffs. What inspired me the most was this artist’s testament – “I still play guitar pretty much the same way and will be playing guitar and writing songs one way or another ’til I either die or ascend into the ninth dimension.”

This project recently made its debut with the track named ‘Chromium Dioxide’ which is an elated rock track that will make your head bang for sure. The instrumentation is ecstatic and surely something out of this world. The track starts off with a crackling sound that is also used to end the track. The drums are impactful and set the rhythm of the track beautifully. The guitars are intricate and complement the vibe of the track.

The unique vocal texture attained by recording on tape is what sets this track apart from contemporary rock tracks. To create a whole band’s vibe alone is surely remarkable. Do give this track a go if you love to explore unique music that is hard-hitting and impactful. I am surely adding it to my morning playlist to get a little head-start with my morning coffee. Give it a go, you will love it for sure. You can listen to the track ‘Chromium Dioxide’ by Meat in Space down here-

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