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Tundra Music Collective – Rawk On

Tundra Music Collective is an afrobeat/hip-hop collective currently based in Montreal known for its ecstatic musical blends. The collective weaves music that revolves around problems and matters that need to be addressed. I really enjoyed their music as I crave for music with purpose and this collective surely has one. You should surely give it a go.

The collective made it’s debut with a 6-song album named Rawk On. The album is surely one of the best albums I’ve come across this year. he first track on the album is named after the album. The track ‘Rawk On’ is a melodic blend of both the genres that the collective is known for. The track starts off with some ecstatic horns and is then joined in y the other instruments. The first verse is a rap that will surely blow your minds away. The flows are intricate and the way they are delivered is surely impactful. The melodies flow like wind and compliment the vibe of the track with beauty. The hook is catchy and will stick to your mind, right off the bat. Drums are impactful and had me airdrumming throughout the track. This is surely a great track to give your day a kickstart. I will be adding this track to my personal morning playlist. Do give it a go if you like to listen to afrobeat/hip-hop with your morning coffee.

Overall ‘Rawk On’ is an amazing track with some great instrumentation and soothing yet impactful vocals. You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Rawk On’ by Tundra Music Collective down here-

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