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Squakin Like A Bird! by JUNK: Sometimes, not taking yourself seriously is the thing you have to be the most serious about

When it comes to grunge music, or any kind of alt-pop music with the kind of theme that “Squakin Like a Bird” by JUNK carries, it is reflective of the thoughts of a whole generation that swept the 90s off its feet. Keep reading to know my thoughts on this song!

Suppose the grunge movement of the 90s is anything to go by. In that case, it has been established, at this point, that not all music is meant for an eternal, divine purpose– sometimes, there is no need to talk about those things. It is just as much fun listening to a bunch of renegades desecrating the sacrosanct art of music (sarcasm intended, of course, before you up in arms and charge at me.)

This song, well, it embodies that. The vocals fit right in, the drums and the instruments all play second fiddle (literally) to the vibe of the song, which, I suppose, is to not take oneself very seriously, and go by what one wants to do. There is a jazzy element or two to be seen here as well, especially with the chords on the Rhodes, and the staccato-esque guitar chords.

The mix and master sounded warm and full to me, and managed to fill the sound spectrum perfectly serviceably. I have no complaints here!

With “Squakin Like a Bird”, JUNK have said what they have said– like countless top bands in the 90s did; and the message lives on to this day. Check out “Squakin Like A Bird” here!

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