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meadowhip - Am I Broken | Swoonworthy 
meadowhip - Am I Broken | Swoonworthy 

meadowhip – Am I Broken | Swoonworthy 

Meadowhip is an independent project of Cara Walkam who is all about creating mellow and charming tunes that lure you into her magical world of music. She has released some great tracks and has always managed to amuse fans who love her distinctive and unique music. 

This time she has released a song called Am I Broken which is everything you were looking for, yet a bit more gracious. Am I Broken is a charming piece to begin with. With mellifluous tunes that form a rich aura for the ears that are listening to and a great, smoothly flowing pace, Am I Broken makes for a great listen. If you are looking for something mellow, indie, charming, dramatic, peaceful, satisfying, gorgeous, and delicious, you will find these perfectly in Am I Broken, all in one. 

Even though Am I Broken portrays a person who’s hurting and has some rage for the one who hurt her, at the same time it feels like a revival song. You cannot make a revival song without talking about the thing that hurt you in the first place. With brave elements of revelations and verses that talk about taking back your own power, Am I Broken uplifts you in more than one way. It is a song that should be listened to if you want some kick in your spirits.

Great melodies, calming vibes, uplifting lyrics, and gorgeous, sultry vocals, together make this track worth listening to and cherishing forever. 

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