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there there, here is here - astra forward
there there, here is here - astra forward

Astra Forward – There There, Here is Here | Meditative Melodies

Astra Forward is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who writes enchanting songs about nature and the power of human connection. There There, Here is Here by Astra Forward, featuring her long term friend and collaborator, Pascal Colman, is the artist’s latest single. A snippet of music, memory and meditation, the artists cast light on the profound joys in the moment right in front of us.

The song carries the calming energy of meditation and prayer. The vocals inch slowly through the song; patient and measured, levitating. The song inspires a strong inclination to introspection and peace, grace and kindness. With a poise and profound elegance, the song anchors you and lends you a deep clarity.

It’s easy for us to get carried away by the fast-moving pace of the world. With everyone rushing towards the finish line, we forget to savor the small moments and happiness of our daily life. Beautiful worlds are contained within the contours of these atomic spaces that we often neglect to identify and appreciate. Like relentless waves washing ashore and painting mountains on the soft sand, every moment contains the transforming quality of miracles.

The artist infuses the song with her deep love and connection with nature by weaving the melodies of howling winds, sunny meadows, boisterous ocean waves and creaking wood into it. Her vocals carry the freshness of a crisp morning breeze, the deepness of dark green forests and the twinkling charm of wind chimes. By using spaced out acoustic guitar strums and mystical synths that swirl around her vocals, the artist instills in the listener, an out-worldly daze.

Bringing out the charms of small joys, solitude and self, the song makes for a lovely experience. The wisdom of the song dives into you and dwells for long afterwards.

Available on YouTube Music and Spotify.

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astra forward – there there, here in here

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