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Stellan Perrick - Golden Baby
Stellan Perrick - Golden Baby

Stellan Perrick – Golden Baby | Triumphantly Dark

Stellan Perrick is a German musician who does everything himself from writing a song to producing, mixing and mastering. The singer-songwriter and producer has created music for the past seven years. While he creates his own music now, Stellan Perrick was the drummer in a band before. The multi-instrumentalist performs uptempo, fast-paced music that he can play around with. Moreover, he creates music that is both personal and universal to him. He also plans to release an album after he drops a few more singles, entitled Naughty 33.

His debut single release, Golden Baby, is a personal track that talks about entitlement, hard work and the pressures of change. He stated in an interview with RGM that he related how natural gold is formed (under immense pressure) to how his journey has been. While the song sounds like a catchy dance number about entitled people born as Golden Babies, it’s really about empowerment. Stellan Perrick is the Golden Baby. Perrick places each beat carefully, much like how Gold needs it to be. His voice is another brilliant element on the track that really carries the melody forward. Moreover, his lyrics and arrangement work harmoniously to give you a lovely experience.

Stellan Perrick gets everything right and hits all the right notes on this track. With so much experience and expertise, he showcases a wide array of skills to create beautiful, empowering music.

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