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Lolita Moore-LOVED
Lolita Moore-LOVED
Lolita Moore-LOVED

Lolita Moore-Loved | Ardor

In a time where positivity might be all you need to survive, Lolita Moore releases her album, LOVED. Using the popular influence of indie-pop music, Lolita reaches out to the masses with her positive vibe and outgoing energy. Her songs aim to not only bring everyone together, but find a path with solidarity. From the problems to the positives of this change, she seems to range through the spectrum with her songs.

Devotion in motion

Opening with the title track LOVED, Lolita sings about the positive change over a tight hip-hop beat. The harmonics are of the church choir, and bind the song together with the effects and vocals. A surreal beginning to an album that is of gratitude and of an encomiast searching for the good.

God is Good is the second track, with a powerful funky, bold undertone. The praise to the lord is made different from a psalm or a verse from the holy book. It shares the praise for the power that keeps us all alive, the instrumentals a solid backbone to the song with Lolita’s vocals highlighted.

Heaven is another track with a vibe from paradise itself. It has that R&B feel from your Boyz 2 Men songs and the power to move. The powerful synth seems to guide Lolita’s vocals, swirling guitar riff an interesting spice to the song. This song could have really done with a solo guitar section that would have complemented Lolita’s voice, but it seems complete with her second bridge section as well.

Switching back to the funk, The Blood talks about the sacrifice of Jesus and what He has done for us. The track has all the energy and vibe to be a party staple, and Lolita’s voice has really been a welcoming dynamic for this song. The bassline is very addictive, with the staples of pop making it whole.

Alternating styles within the album

Once again, we hear a great prog style riff with His Grace, over which Lolita is the one who shows grace with her vocals. With a deep insight into her personality, she redeems herself with her actions and the power of music, while an impressive instrumental section keeps the song afloat and alive. The beat tends to get repetitive, a live instrument alternative with alternative beats shuffling through would have amped the tracks’ overall listenability.

Everything is the track you want to hear when you’re having a bad day. Having that Don’t Worry, Be Happy vibe, Lolita sings about what must happen will, and that it will eventually work itself out. The harmonics in vocals are great in the song, and really give it rails to guide itself on.

Embracing the R&B-soaked energy from the tracks prior, God is Love really explores Lolita’s voice in a track. The song ensures her voice is the focus and end, with simplistic instrumentals leading an effect of the song. The positive vocals as usual shine through, with powerful chorus sections building to a strong shift within the song.

Adding dance to ardor

Now we have it. All of it in one album. The dance track Do You Know the Man shifts from the mellow vibes of the rest of the album. It is my favorite based on the instrumentality and symphony, which really nails certain sections making it a groovy endeavor. A great dance you cannot listen to sitting down, if you love music.

A quick switch back to the hip-hop manipulations, Holy One is an attempt to create that feeling. Though they don’t adhere with the vocals being sung as well as almost rapped, I can see how many could really be hooked to the funky flavor of the track. Add the lyrics, and it might be either bitter or sweet in relation to this album.

Doesn’t Matter travels to the pop world for Lolita Moore exerting her voice for the good again. It is nothing unique, but isn’t bad because her voice is sensational and just carries the track.

The instrumentals create a mesh for the next song, Good News. It has an addictive symphonic section, though Lolita and her harmonics would sound much better without the excessive editing. It however does the job, sounding good with the balance of the instrumentals.

Young OG and Lolita join forces for Right Now. With beautiful piano and guitar guiding the way, it is a song about the change and how we need it in the moment. Great song as the album comes to an end.

Hold On seals the package on Lolita’s LOVED. It is a pretty song with hip-hop beats dominating, balancing with Lolita Moore’s voice. The chord selection is great, so it makes the song a memorable conquest. Her album creates a positive change in people’s lives and an approach that demands the difference continues to be made. Remember you’ll be loved however, whenever.

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