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Aaron Yorke - The Things That Keep a Man Alive
Aaron Yorke - The Things That Keep a Man Alive

Aaron Yorke – The Things That Make a Man Alive | Lonesome

British singer-songwriter and music producer Aaron Yorke has already fascinated us in the past with his singles from across the years. The voice of London, Master of Deflection and Difficult Year updates his discography now with the release of his latest track The Things That Keep A Man Alive.

Just right on time for the mood of the oncoming Fall season, The Things That… is perhaps the perfect downtempo moody classic folk number that should go on to define the autumn of 2021. Delving into such genres like the previously mentioned classic folk, Aaron Yorke plays his musical hand also in charting out to moody indie-pop, the electronic ambient sound accompanied by the electric guitars and immersive spiralling synth waves.

The Things That…  may yet go on to become one of Yorke’s most ambitious vocal performances — the track laden with Yorke appearing at his most confident, self-assured sonic capabilities. Thematically, the track is the quintessential lovesick stream of consciousness, presented to the listener in the form of a mournful ballad on longing, desolation and shadowy optimism.

With his sound already brewing in the UK’s Midlands, it is not just interesting to observe how Aaron Yorke develops his sound from here on out, and also to witness the growth of what we are confident is a potential global singer-songwriter. 

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