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108 - Somerset Boys
108 - Somerset Boys

108 – Somerset Boys | Ode

Since their debut album Nine Times Twelve and the short hiatus that has graced the ears of their listeners, 108 announces an album in the works, featuring the track Somerset Boys.

The twelve-track EP comprises Somerset Boys, a balladic ode to one of the most widely respected and celebrated veterans of the First World War — Harry Patch — who served in the British ranks on the Western Front at the Battle of Passchendaele. The track is inspired by the terminal words of wisdom shared by Harry Patch during his last days, where he reminisced about the futility of the wartime landscape and the meaning of life, friendship and camaraderie. Somerset Boys pays tribute to Patch through a four-minute acoustic folk number decorated with nostalgic arpeggios, where the vocals of 108 offer a retrospective to his life through dog-eared yellowed pictures of his service in the War and his fellow mates. The track reminds us of the people who are now looked at only through history books and faded tombstones and asks us to forever remember the service that men like Harry Patch did in their youths — offering to us the fabric of the present society, that they did not live to enjoy.

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