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No Vacancies - Bad Habits
No Vacancies - Bad Habits

No Vacancies – Bad Habits | Brisk

Manchester-based indie rock band No Vacancies shake up the dust settled on their discography with the release of their new single called Bad Habits. Coming out of the Manchester indie-rock scene that inspired millions of artists of history, it is not rocket science to notice the musical inspiration they harness. The band comprises Will, the singer and rhythm guitarist and George, the drummer, who relocated to Manchester in 2019 to begin their careers in the music industry. Following that, lead guitarist Lewis and bassist Ben joined the band to form No Vacancies.

This song is quintessentially the roller-coaster indie rock sound — raw, rudimentary vocalism and ambient instrumentation. No Vacancies says they promise to play the music that “gets arses off seats“. Insofar, the tune seems to have the potential to do that. The track is an automatic uplifter and a great pick-me-up track that shows the band’s detailed study of the fundamentals of the indie rock and garage rock sound. 

The song is characterised by its lovesick tongue-in-cheek lyricism in accompaniment with the energetic electric guitar and passionate cymbal-crashes. The song’s overall weight is ideal for individuals looking for a tune that inspires feelings of liberation and rebellion. The lead singer’s vocal intonations are characterised by its silky smooth voice tone that ties the whole song together.

Along with the personal lyricism like “I can’t breathe, can’t sleep, she’s got me on my knees“, and the flawlessly tight musicianship, it’s evident that No Vacancies have gathered a group of musicians that are poised to go far.

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