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Skull Smith | 24-hour documentary | retro synth | electronic | singer songwriter
Skull Smith | 24-hour documentary | retro synth | electronic | singer songwriter

Skull Smith – 24-Hour Documentary | Retro Synth

Despite the commitment to analog equipment, Skull Smith doesn’t make vintage music. Smith’s sound is explicitly modern, in that it’s not just the product of someone using synthesizers and retro drum machines; it’s the product of someone who has developed a time-tested mastery over them, who has benefited from the learning of others. ‘24-hour documentary’ is so seamless, so clean and wizard-ly that it illuminates the musical soul at the center of Smith’s work. Skull Smith’s recordings are masterful, and his arrangements are more complex than those of some of his peers.

Skull Smith grew up listening to 80s music and that has been his major influence. He always had a love for synthesizers and spent a lot of time fiddling with them. Though he never really released much of this music. It was more of a personal journey, until recently. He has started to release his music since 2020 and it’s a good thing he has. This music is something that needs to be shared with the world. A beautiful style that is a combination of genres and timelines! Brilliantly captures the retro element!

The song starts off with some very retro synth leads. This sets the mood for the rest of the song when the slightly flanged vocals come in. The vocals have just the right effects chain that make it sound semi-robotic, to fit right into the retro vibe. Some parts of the track have a slight German influence. Again, this is a personal opinion. I just relate it to that kind of music. A very intriguing title adds to the cover value of the song. I mean I can’t help but ‘judge a book by its cover’ before I get to read it!

The song slowly transforms into a rock and roll style and takes you on a colorful 8-bit journey. A really nice mix and some nice sound design, make this a very interesting throwback to the 80’s!

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