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Groove, Love, and Flirt : Mister Co.’s Sensational Anthem, “Make You Feel Alright!”

Get ready to groove and feel the love with Mister Co.’s latest banger, “Make You Feel Alright”! These talented artists, Connor and Oscar Absolum, are a match made in musical heaven. The story behind Mister Co. is as sweet as their tunes. Can you believe it? They came up with the idea of forming a duo on their honeymoon! Talk about love and music intertwining in the most magical way. And that’s when Mister Co. was born, ready to take the world by storm.
Now, let’s dive into “Make You Feel Alright” itself. Brace yourself for some serious flirty and infectious vibes. The swing groove and bouncy rhythm are pure ear candy that will transport you to a place of carefree joy and non-stop toe-tapping.

Oh, and let’s not forget those vocals! Connor and Oscar know how to work their magic with their playful and charismatic delivery. They bring the lyrics with their magnetic charisma. It’s like they’re winking and smiling right at you!

“Make You Feel Alright” is not just a song, it’s an experience! We had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with the artists themselves. Read on to get an exclusive glimpse into the story behind their song “Make You Feel Alright!”

1)Hey Mister Co.! Congratulations on your latest release “Make You Feel Alright”. We have been listening to your song on loop and still can’t get enough of its infectious energy. Can you tell us about the nspiration behind this incredible song?

This was a song we wrote during the famous Australian lockdowns as a way to keep us feeling good through some really stressful times. What also inspired us was our own playful nature that we have in our own relationship, something a little more intimate we wanted to share with our audience.

2) “Make You Feel Alright” has a very retro soul feel to it. Can you share with us some of your musical influences growing up and how they have impacted your sound?

Everything from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s we absolutely love, it just breathes a sweet kind of simple. There was something so uplifting about those retro eras and we have always wanted to write a song that fits that vibe, and with Make You Feel Alright we achieved that.

3) How do you balance the creative and technical aspects of producing your music?

We always start our writing with a vibe, the title of this vibe was “this is a sexy tune”. From that using live instrumentation and midi components we build stems to expand the vibe into an actual song, we take turns in adding the elements we both feel are needed and at the end Connor will arrange the structure. Finally we jump in the booth and record the vocal tracks and harmonies.

4) The lyrics of “Make You Feel Alright” are flirty and playful, was there a specific experience or person that inspired the song?

Our behind closed doors relationship was the inspiration for this and what we call our honey moon phase, and really the idea that we all want to please our significant other physically, emotionally and mentally.

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5) What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a band, and how have you overcome them?

Social media has always been something we have struggled with. We both own a business outside of Mister Co. so finding the perfect balance of work and creativity, making sure we are organised and ready for a release. Sometimes we feel we live a double life and that can take an emotionally toll, so balance is key.

6) Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects? What incredible surprises do you have in store for your listeners?

There are so many things we have in the pipeline at the moment, we have three more singles this year following an album and a headline show to follow. So be ready for more Mister Co. music from now to the end of 2024. Our next singles are so different to this track, a little more rock and even more modern, we love experimenting with sounds and genres so always expect different from us.

7) What message do you hope listeners take away from your music?

We hope anyone listening to Make You Feel Alright feels uplifted, positive and just good vibes. It was a song that helped us survive a dark time and we really want it to help others.

The track is available on all major streaming platforms! Check out the song here!

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