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Growing up watching MTV or VH1, we had an array of visual chaos and audio experiences to choose from. A benefit of growing in a post internet world, before it went downhill. Birth of a band from that era brings that advantage home, trying everything on your plate for taste.

So, prepare your ears and brain to comprehend several faces of the same band- MIHI NIHIL. They specialize in synthesizing an atmosphere for each song, style of a band they loved. Trust me, it really shows.

Masks in Music- A deep dive of the tracks

I present to you, the many faces of MIHI NIHIL-

Track 1-Gold (4:52)- Rendered as Radiohead

With expansive guitar reverberations echoing in the soundscape, Gold is an homage to art/electronic rock. Mihi Vox’s vocals take control, just like Yorke and mysterious lyrics join the fold. The track focuses on just the guitar, bass & the pounding drum. Using a minimal mood board to create somnolent echoes, this track is a great opener for the album.

Track 2-Vertigo (4:42)-With hints of Nine Inch Nails

Layering guitar & synths, the group now morphs into the famed duo of Atticus Ross & Trent Reznor. With laced elements of goth groups like Bauhaus, the booming track sets pace for an album loaded with a multitude of strains, each to be relished before moving to the other. Adam Alt on the drums does a great job with that simple roll on the snare rim. Surrender to a state of vertigo.

Track 3-Be There (5:04)- 90’s Weezer & Pixies

Switching to post grunge, MIHI NIHIL create a new sonic spectrum to initiate yourself into. The track has the slow touch of the Cranberries as well. Mihi Vox’s vocals are sublime, making great range and a definite lasting impression. Watch out for the heavy lyrics as well.

Track 4- Space Invader (5:30)-From the minds of Radiohead (A Moon Shaped Pool era)

Space Invader, as the name suggests is a track that seems like waveforms floating through space. You seem to be trapped in a capsule within it. The altered state of chaos reverberates wide, touching the lows well & creating a true enigma of a track to encounter. Once again, the vocals are phenomenal, while the instruments act like wings for the vocals to fly with.

Track 5- I Eat You (2:55)-Emulated as The Clash

Judging by the length of this track, you should know what’s coming. Pacing through the track in proper punk fashion, MIHI NIHIL show you they can probably perform in every style that you can remember on your tube TV. With the slow start, the track builds to the pace for you to remind you of the Clash live in London.

Track 6-Verberation (6:06)- Revisiting the Pixies

This track oscillates between the soundscapes of the Pixies as well as hints of some other groups, but really finds their footing with the instrumentals and vocals. The minutes fly by as you float through the viscous density of the sonic liquid they produce.

Track 7- Falling Star (3:20)- Amy Winehouse fronting a post grunge group

No track nears Mihi Vox’s vocal display compared to this song. The instrumentals take a backseat like the essence of soul songs- yet the synth echoing in the background add such levity to the track. Probably the best on the album.

Track 8- Who Do You Think You Are (3:41)- Performed with strains of The Verve

Catchy, beautiful melody and apt harmonization. Just a great track to listen as the album nears the end. I would end the album with this, though it does a great job wherever it is. It showcases the bands unbelievable chemistry after experimenting with something like 10 genres- smooth yet sundry.

Track 9- Ticking Clocks (4:32)- A Thom Yorke side project

Remember that time I made the mistake of saying Track 8 & Track 9 should switch. Such naivete. A mistake on my part, based on how ridiculously mellow this track makes you feel- a high of sorts with swelling guitar reverbs and a solid spine for instrumentals. It has been delivered flawlessly.

MIHI NIHIL conclude that checking singular boxes for musical inspirations is a thing of the past. In the contemporary world- inspiration can strike from anywhere- and I mean that. The album has been doing great, reaching #1 on Amazon, #15 on I-tunes & #18 on the NAAC most added chart.

That’s already 14 reasons to listen to the track, if many of you needed 13. All the success and Midas’ touch to you, MIHI NIHIL. And yes. They’re pronounced Mee-Kee Nee-Keel. Just like you read it in your head.

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