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Romi Hurts- I found you
Romi Hurts- I found you
Romi Hurts- I found you

Romi Hurts- I found you | Arrow to the heart

This is Romi Hurts with her second single, and her voice is already a sensation. Discovered on several indie playlists with love songs and female rising stars, Romi is out with her second single. It’s called I found you, and it is a ballad that stands apart.

The progression used is fairly common. Richard Marx, Mariah and even Celine Dion have songs with the similar arrangement. Romi cuts around the celebrity hype of these artists, creating something of clarity and truth. Her voice depicts true love, there is a depth that might be borrowing from reality. While the strings and piano accompany her melodic articulation-there are pauses where her voice alone does the lifting for this track. The vibrato is gentle, it doesn’t beg for glamour. For a second single, she’s created something for lovelorn romantics with her magic spell.

Her previous single this was Over You, released in 2020. She’s been engaged creatively, and this might be a teaser for something bigger. It goes without question that Romi Hurts has the ability to change the spatial climate wherever and whenever a song is played. With the gift of simple songwriting and that enchanting voice, I believe I’ve found someone as well. Fortunately, I can go back to listening to this track.

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