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Spyderhuff-What You Have
Spyderhuff-What You Have
Spyderhuff-What You Have

Spyderhuff- What You Have | Absentia

Spyderhuff There is a velvet rope section in paradise for those who bring a smile to other people’s face. There’s another VIP section within that area for those who do it with music. Spyderhuff break the silly strings that society classifies genres by and zips between them in their singles. Their latest one is called What You Have.

Call it a gift from The Melvins, Helmet and maybe even The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Spyderhuff take the literal best from all these different worlds and create their own hybrid. Their sound features revitalizing riffage, creative transitions and featured narratives that make it exciting and fresh. The echoing guitars in the verse section allow the lyrics-or in this case the tale to be told with the desired impact. There are Eastern percussion instruments peppering the stylish delivery of this dialogue.

The riff is not the only thing that is the king here. Spyderhuff did it with Girl in the Photo as well, there is vague connection to many bands, but they’re definitely their own sound. Almost like a supegroup- it has the special accents of the best of many worlds coming together. Check out their 2022 singles for a stoner rock revival and their 2021 EP Think About Me.

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