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A-Lean-Dialogue | Use the stage

A-Lean is never one to shy away from reality. With a rooted past that has had its fair share of issues, this man challenges circumstance. If nothing can be done about it, you’re a coward. He is trying to incite conversation through his art, relevant and political. This is his latest single, Dialogue.

His tracks Switch IT and Tears have become highly streamed, relevant tracks on Spotify. Very quickly, this will climb to #1. Dialogue watches A-Lean destroy some of the poorest propaganda and criminal acts of cowardice he has seen in killer verses that never miss a beat. Sticking to the theme of the song, he brings up issues from the pandemic to Russia’s miscalculated overthrowing and moral bullying of Ukraine. As a Romanian, he has watched Russia exert their force several times, and he is using his art as a platform.

Perhaps this is where artists should find meaning. Art doesn’t have to be political, but you miss a chunk of commentary when you ignore stains on the glass. Here A-Lean not only makes a killer track with a great chorus and divisive, cutting lyrics, he delivers a dialogue. Something that has been half-cooked but not really devoured with this intensity and commitment.

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