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Roforofo – Far and Away | Fresh
Roforofo – Far and Away | Fresh

Roforofo – Far and Away | Fresh

Roforofo is a musical collaboration between German drummer Tommy Baldu and Icelandic guitarist and vocalist OmarGuojonsson. Their genre is a mix of jazz and rock and roll and they seek inspiration from various artists, subjects, themes, settings, and musicality to create their music.

They recently released a song called Far and Away which is an intense track that would make you soft in the most amazing of ways. The song begins with a very unique tune that almost feels outlandish at first ‘cause you usually don’t hear something like this. Through incomparable intensity, Far and Away easily makes for a song you would want to listen to if you want to enter a state of zen or meditativeness. The song has a deep effect on your senses, and you will devour every second of it. Because to be honest, you would not be able to expect what comes next with this number. The song has such vivid and diverse elements that only a person with a good ear for music would be able to make sense of it all and understand the complexities of the way they are represented, through subtleties and intense portrayals.

The music is not superficial, it has layers attached to it, and only when you peel off these layers one by one, slowly and gently, do you discover the soul of the track. That’s exactly what you will have to do with this number. With great and impeccably fresh soundscapes, the whole task becomes even more enjoyable.

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