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ANN – Little Girl | Heartbreaking Love

ANN is an artist who with her dark, electronic pop songs is taking over the internet. Her confident and purposeful lyrics sink deep into the skins of the listener through her deep vocals. Ann portrays a strongly sensual, confident persona through her enchanting music. Inspired by artists such as Billie Eilish, Stromae, Troye Sivan and Aurora, she tells her own stories in a way that it blurs the line between reality and lyricism. Her debut EP ‘Muses’, ANN tells the stories of many strong women from mythology, folklore and history through her tracks. This is to give women a new and powerful voice through her music, because ANN herself is a feminist. Her discography includes a variety of 5 singles and an EP, each telling a different story.

Her latest release ‘Little girl’ is a song which sounds like a one sided conversation of a daughter and her father. The song delivers a deep feelings through her lyrics which intensified by the heartfelt music. The music shows immense grief which is perfectly complimented by her deep yet soothing vocals. ANN’s vocals are mesmerizing. The song delivers its feeling very powerfully through the strong lyricism. ANN has her own way of painting pictures and scenes through her music which is remarkable. The song makes you feel each and every feeling profoundly. The way she blows life into her lyrics and music is enchanting. The soothing piano melody is like a cherry on top of this stupendous track.

This is a must hear for anyone who rejoices their dad’s presence in their life. Listen to ‘Little Girl’ here-

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