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Maëla Raoult-Hypokrat
Maëla Raoult-Hypokrat
Maëla Raoult-Hypokrat

Maëla Raoult-Hypokrat | Lounge leisure

The art of serenading through the lucid dreaming of music. It is miraculous, almost astounding what the human mind can think of. With Hypokrat, Maëla Raoult is bringing her own swing to this kind of music. Often described as chamber, there is a depth to it which can’t be defined, yet does not stray much. Let’s have a look at what her latest album has. 

Restraining to the groove then moving to tell a story is her way of creating this kind of music. With the title track, she shows her compositional movement in Parisian Jazz. It has a textural quality that is reflective of the place and time, and all the more entertaining. Warm and inviting, it also does the necessary dance with the senses to keep complexity.

Who Walks in When I Walk Out is a juxtaposition of a contemporary jazz form with this genre she loves so much. The arrangement is as exciting as it is exploratory. Using the entirety of her knowledge and experience, she creates these compositions that paint a pretty picture. There is plenty of drama in the sound and how the song is experienced in itself.

In search for drama

Cannibal, expectedly, has a sinister tonality to it. Expressing it only with instrumentals might be more complex than assumed, yet takes strange culverts to reach at this portrait. It is shrouded in mystery, yet a perfect description. Orient Express goes on to form this chugging beat and the surrounding ballet. The understanding within the instruments and composition is fascinating to dive into. A precarious institution is set up where there is conversation between the instruments. 

La lèche translates literally to The Lick. This can reflect in many ways, as many licks are heard as overlaps. It keeps the mind excited and spinning for what is to come. It is a response of cosmic proportions, and the reply might just be the wing fluttering. Round Up has a contemporary spine again, and an easygoing flow. As Maëla Raoult closes up shop with Mackie Meser, you realize you have been part of a full-fledged drama. Sometimes as the audience, sometimes an actor without even realizing it.

Her varied ways of interpreting a palette is something not many artists can even dream of doing. Maëla Raoult is not only a superb composer and arrangement extraordinaire, but has formed a gel of comfort and chemistry unlike many others. Her songs are hers alone, and she loves cultures to intersect to form the kinds of compositions she chooses. Listen to her songs and brilliant effort here, and follow her for more splendid music!

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