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Onbar - CHANCE | Serendipitous 
Onbar - CHANCE | Serendipitous 

Onbar – CHANCE | Serendipitous 

Onbar is Troy Tuan Truong’s musical undertaking that he so carefully nurtures with artistic ingenuity and love for his craft. Intense, ethereal soundscapes that form an important part of his artistic songs don’t just fill his listener’s cups with pure bliss and satisfaction but also add to their love for music. 

Recently released song CHANCE is a fresh, superior, and magical track that is infused with some stunning musicality and an almost zen-like vibe that calms your senses like nothing else. Vivid soundscapes in the track weave for you an alternative reality that is mellifluous and serendipity becomes a common phenomenon. You would be in awe with how lovely the intricate details in the song are and how the song is bejeweled with so many of them. Little riffs, brilliant nuances, and subtle sounds add to the whole experience in a magnificent manner and give you a wide scope for imagination.

Slight electronic vibes make the song super cool and add to its goodness. A perfectly wholesome song, CHANCE is a unique and fresh number with so much to offer that will leave you wanting more. 

Another great thing is the vocals. The vocalization is so on point and appropriate that they further elevate the song’s richness. Perfectly nuanced and refreshing, the song is layered with stunning motifs for you to enjoy and seek artistic inspiration from. Many will find it a perfect solace. This one’s a must-listen!

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