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Adik Angel – Evasions

Adik Angel is all about evocation. By delving into the emotional cavity of the mind, she captures the essence of momentous evolution of the mind and channels it with movement sonics. Her genre of choice is electro-pop with flavors of dance music, hip-hop beats and high house. Adik Angel has just released her ten-track debut album, Evasions that induces us into a divine dream sequence. 

Despite the hyperactivity of the track, it carries within it pockets of pensive ruminations. As opposed to a steep rise of consciousness, it’s a gradual flood of synths, layered on top of each other. Using a reprising rhythm design, the artist records the smooth evolution of the sonics. 

As the melodies ripple through the soundscape, synthetic vocal echoes cultivate and texturise it. Drizzles of Adik’s mellifluous vocals cast a dreamy mist. The underlying beats thrive below the resilient synth canvas, pumping with a lively intention. 

Titled accurately, the song creates a world that allows you to be in your head without being burdened by the circular thoughts of the mind. It’s a dreamy loop, a medium of escape, and a refreshing school of thought. And as the title track, it perfectly settles us into the theme of the album. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Evasions by Adik Angel here – 

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