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Said Sara - Same
Said Sara - Same

Said Sara – Same

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Benson’s soul wears the soothing apparel of folk acoustics. It glints with the freshness of the morning and trembles with the essence of being. Inspired by artists like Joni Mitchell, Baez, Stevens, Croce, and Taylor Buckingham, the artist’s song is loaded with naturalistic accents, revealing in its simplicity and beautiful in its implications. He began releasing his music under the Moniker, Said Sara in 2020. His newest release, Same, is a serenading acoustic number with rustic melodies and poetic lyricism. 

In Same, the artist uses a flowing rhythm that complements the pausing narrations. The low timbre vocals charmingly slide off the high melodies of the guitar melodies. It’s laden with sweet reminiscence. Occasionally lined with rippling flourishes of the acoustic banjo, the song is a stringed paradise with a delightful redolence to Hozier’s blues. 

The artist has a magnificent musical range. As an avid fan  of roaring metal and tremulous punk styles, the artist originally found his musical expression in their obscure and obsidian characteristics. His first full length album was of the metal/punk descent called 1994’s Spine. It was released by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn’s ultra-legendary SST Records. And now coming full circle, he largely explores the infinitesimal magic of living and loving with acoustics tuned to a folk frequency. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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