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Littleuniverses – littleuniverses | Exploration of Artistry and Emotion

Discover the stunning artistry of Montreal-based artist, Littleuniverses. This talented creator aspires to inspire and connect with audiences from all walks of life through her captivating craft. Embodying the transformative power of art, Littleuniverses believes in its ability to evoke deep emotions and bring joy to those who experience it. Fueled by a passion for both music and visual art, Littleuniverses has crafted a unique style that blends the dark and ethereal, poetic and cinematic. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing “little universes” she creates and be transported to another world with every note and brushstroke. Experience the unparalleled talent of littleuniverses today.

Littleuniverses has released a self-titled album” littleuniverses.”

The album starts with the ethereal and dreamy “Magic,” a song that sets the tone for an unforgettable listening experience. With every strum of the guitar and every note sung, Littleuniverses will leave you captivated by the warm, dark, and everything in between. Prepare to be enchanted.

The second song is “Woman.” The haunting vocals by Littleuniverses captivated me. The tranquil synths provide a calming journey. However, the song then transforms into a creepy and intriguing universe that one cannot help but explore before finally settling into a state of calm after the chaos.

The musical prowess in “Bird In Your Hat” is nothing short of phenomenal. The synths are a delightful fusion of disco and futurism, powered by a mesmerizing bassline and drum beats that will take your breath away. And let’s not forget the vocals – they add an alluring layer of mystery to the already infectious song.

“Forever To Never Again” casts a spell with a commanding church organ and a mesmerizing duet between it and a syncopated synth. This hypnotic union of darkness eventually gives way to brief moments of radiant strings, soaring pads, pristine electric guitars, and spellbinding vocals. The end result is one of the most unforgettable and enchanting tracks on the album, oscillating between haunting and a delicate balance of bliss and melancholy.

“Will I Be A Mother” is a hauntingly introspective masterpiece featuring tender vocals and lyrics that invite listeners on a journey inward. The celestial ambiance is sustained by soaring synths that mimic the infinite vastness of mid-space, enveloped by cascading walls of reverb that add a chill to the already dreamlike atmosphere. The synths are a balm to the soul, creating a serene and tranquil experience throughout the song.

“Snowflakes,” a spoken-word piece, has the power to captivate the listener. The smooth cadence of the harmonies, combined with a stripped-down background arrangement, creates an immersive listening experience like a few others. It’s a refreshing departure from the ordinary, a sonic journey that stands apart from anything you’ve ever heard before. The minimalistic approach amplifies the power of spoken words, making for an unforgettable experience.

This time, she’s not just returning to the post-punk and post-rock territories but venturing into uncharted territory with a bold, unexpected move that pays off in spades. Grasping the handlebars with a “Sword” in hand, she transforms the mood of the song, sending waves of energy pulsing through the air. As the rhythm takes hold, I find myself nodding my head and uttering a constant stream of “wow”s. This is undoubtedly the album’s most dynamic, electrifying, and accessible track – a true testament to her undeniable talent.

“Your Lake” is an off-the-beaten-path gem that I never knew I was missing. This quirky, genre-blurring piece blends folk, funk, and soul into a seamless and irresistibly groovy sound. The song greets you with inviting guitar riffs that flow like a warm breeze and a bright chord progression that lifts your spirits. The melody dances along with the nimble bass lines, while the soft percussion adds a gentle touch, making the whole experience feel like a warm, comforting embrace. It’s a bold departure from the rest of the album, but the detour is more than welcome.

“8” is a behemoth of sound, a towering mass of synths and echoes that loom over the earth like a musical monster. The song begins with a mesmerizing drone, a deep and pulsing rhythm fueled by bass, relentless grand piano strikes, and a striking display of vocal prowess sans lyrics. The vocals are processed and layered with rich, vibrant delays and reverb, adding depth and texture to the already hypnotic soundscape. Listening to 8 takes you on a journey into the unknown that feels like a glimpse into a celestial realm. If heaven were to have a soundtrack, this song would be a commanding presence.

The final piece takes us back to terra firma, greeting us with the crisp acoustic strums of gentle dawn breaking on “Send It Away.” This acoustic ballad is a symphony of mystery and theatricality, and its beauty was not lost on me. I couldn’t help but smile as I listened, basking in the calming experience. The delicate and tender vocals of Littleuniverses elevate the song to a stratospheric level, making it exactly what the soul needs.

The latest album from Littleuniverses is a symphonic masterpiece of unity. A journey through a spectrum of emotions, the album takes us on a haunting and mysterious ride before culminating in a tranquil oasis. It is a must-listen, a chance to delve into the captivating universe of this prodigious artist and bask in the beauty of their musical landscapes.

Enjoy listening to littleuniverses here.

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