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Cosmopolis - Nixon-Manson
Cosmopolis - Nixon-Manson

Cosmopolis – Nixon-Manson | Eerie Commentary

Cosmopolis is a three-piece group that is based all around the world – Belgium, Australia and England. While the trio spends quite some time apart, they do get to record together physically and virtually in various locations. Citing inspiration from a European magazine that shares the name, the band talks about political and social issues. Cosmopolis is definitely looking to get around in the live scene in 2022 with upcoming gigs to look out for!

Their latest single, Nixon-Manson is, undoubtedly, one of their best tracks yet. The track has this eerie backing with radio chatter that pans left and right causing the listener some disorientation. It then breaks into a groovy guitar riff that reminds me of Interpol and The Strokes. The vocal work seems to be passed through some form of amplification that gives it a rough, static-y texture. Incorporating various Post-Rock elements including the drum groove and the psychedelic nature of the guitars, Nixon-Manson seems to represent just how bad life was during that time period. Cosmopolis seems to have a similar sound to progressive bands like Tool and Caspian. It is, indeed, a refreshing sound that seems to stick with you, immersing you in the sound.

This band has everything that you’re looking for in modern rock. Every single thing about their music is admirable, to say the least. Each element has a specific purpose and place in the mix and it all works together so well and cohesively. You definitely want to catch these guys live. Head on to their Spotify to find out when they’re playing next!

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