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Gavin Fox - Lay Down Low
Gavin Fox - Lay Down Low

Gavin Fox – Lay Down Low | Uplifting

Gavin Fox, an Irish singer-songwriter, narrates stories and delivers lessons learned from a wide range of experiences. His songs are about mind and action freedom and independence. After his EP in 2021, comes this newest single Lay Down Low which is definitely going to make your day.

The indie folk track, opens with a serenading guitar and Gavin Fox’s deep, sultry vocals. The song is beautifully structured, and the lyrics are endearing and will take you throughout the song. The singer-songwriter does a beautiful job keeping the song simple and succinct. His deep vocals truly resound for the duration of the song and anchor you down. The instrumentals involve mainly the guitar, fiddle and folk elements, that create an uplifting atmosphere, giving you no choice but to stand up, dance and scream out Lay Down Low with Fox.

What Gavin Fox does brilliantly with Lay Down Low is giving the listener enough space in the beginning to gather their bearings. When the instrumentals hit along with the vocals, is when the listener is engulfed into the song and its a great experience. The space for the song to progress and develop is given to the listener, and Fox’s vocals hold your hand through this whole journey. The production on the track is flawless.

Lay Down Low by Gavin Fox is definitely going to be my hype song for the next few days because it makes you feel like the world is yours. And don’t we all need some of that everyday!

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