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Thin Escape - Nightmare
Thin Escape - Nightmare

Thin Escape – Nightmare | Dream-like

Thin Escape is a personal music project by Malaysian musician Gar. He is still discovering his sound and genres whilst experimenting with this project. However, he has stated that he gravitates towards indie/electronic/ambient music. Gar has built a small following since his first release in 2018. He has released eleven singles so far and each one is better than the last. Working on this project has certainly helped Thin Escape and Gar develop and mature into what it is today.

His latest track, Nightmare, features some Eastern Classical sounding elements whilst incorporating modern elements. This track seems to address the troubles with sleeping as a result of the problems we face in life. The instrumental side of the song is extremely ambient and feels like waves of sounds that keep hitting you. The vocal work on this track is sublime. With the help of Frances Tsen, this track has been amplified. The vocals on this track are extremely well-mixed with some incredulous melody lines. The ad-lib sections are honestly some of the most soothing tones you’ll hear. The beats are so dramatic and add a load of depth to the track. Especially in the choral section because they seem almost absent for the remainder of the track.

Thin Escape has got the bearings of an Alternative Pop/Indie/Drum & Bass musician and it really shows in Nightmare. If you want a musician to deliver you a world to escape to then this is it!

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