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Charlie Freeman – It’s Christmas (Let’s Be Kids for a Day) | Festive

Charlie Freeman‘s 2020 Christmas release “It’s Christmas (Let’s Be Kids for a Day)” is a delightful addition to any holiday playlist. The heartwarming composition is infused with warm piano melodies and festive sleigh/jingle bells, creating a joyful and Christmassy atmosphere.

Freeman’s songwriting is heartfelt and catchy, with relatable lyrics about the excitement and magic of the holiday season. His unique blend of 70’s rock n’ roll, Britpop, and Americana adds depth and character to the track, making it stand out from other generic holiday tunes.

In addition to its upbeat tempo and catchy choruses, “It’s Christmas (Let’s Be Kids for a Day)” boasts excellent instrumentation and a smooth, dynamic structure. The intro starts off with warm strings and keys, setting a cozy and inviting tone. As the track progresses, it builds in energy with the addition of drums and a deep bass, creating a fuller, more energetic sound.

The outro is particularly exciting, with all of the elements working together seamlessly to create a festive sound. The addition of the voices of kids singing along in the chorus is a delightful touch, adding to the sense of wonder and joy that the holiday season brings.

Freeman’s passion for music and its ability to bring people together shines through in this track, making it a perfect choice for spreading cheer and connecting with loved ones during the holiday season. Overall, “It’s Christmas (Let’s Be Kids for a Day)” is a charming and enjoyable holiday release from Charlie Freeman. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and get you in the festive mood!

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