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Dorian | Proud | Experiment in genres | Singer-Songwriter
Dorian | Proud | Experiment in genres | Singer-Songwriter

Dorian – Proud | Experiment in genres

Dorian is an artist that was born and raised in New Jersey. He is what you would call a dreamer and believer in the impossible. His music isn’t defined by genre and transcends the boundaries of multiple genres. Probably need to draw a Venn diagram to explain the genres that his music seems to sound like! He is like a beacon of light for all artists trying to experiment with their sound. Never give up! Dorian clearly didn’t.

The lyrics are really simple and is just Dorian speaking his mind. A story of the time shared with his previous partner. All the while, the story is layered with Dorians introspective lines. Music to Dorian seems to be a platform for him to express whatever life has taught him or what he has learnt through personal experience. Remember to listen between lines to actually listen to what Dorian has tried to say.

Have you ever watched a movie that left you more confused at the end than it did in the beginning? Once you see it twice or go back home and think about it, things fall into place and make sense? That’s exactly what Dorian’s music is like. An experiment in genres and music!

Proud is a part of an album Dorian released, called “The Arrival Dream World Part 2”. The song has some really straightforward percussions. A solid kick with some hats and snares in perfect sequence to create a foundation for the track. The percussions during the breaks or risers are doing a good job creating anticipation! Overall, the mix is really on point.

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