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Dani Twice – SAD BOY | Hypnotic Trip

Dani Twice is a Tampa, Florida-based singer-songwriter, producer, and visual creator who is an American/Colombian artist. Dani Twice makes music that pierce deep into the skins of the listener making them question their own conscience. His songs are a perfect combination of Trap, Rap, Hip-Hop, Modern Wave and Synth music. His tracks are innovative and Dani Twice never disappoints you with his experiments that will surely become a new genre in itself soon. His voice is bewitching and uses it to its fullest. The way he intertwines melodic vocals with his rap like throw is bewitching. His discography is a diverse collection of 10 songs which are all equally magical. Out of his previous works, ‘BAG MAN’ is one of my personal favorites that will surely make you groove.

“Dani Twice’s songs are like the first cigarette of the day, impactful yet soothing”

Dani Twice recently released his single ‘SAD BOY’ which is will have you screaming out SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH with all the extra E’s. The melodies are truly hypnotic and send you to a whole another realm. The lyrics are so deep that they give me goosebumps every single time I listen to the track. The music perfectly goes in sync with the deep, impactful lyrics making this track way too powerful. Each beat in track is carefully placed to induce the maximum effect. Huge kudos to the innovative production. The drum rolls are ecstatic and super bold. The melodies make my eardrums dance with joy. The artist projects some strong musicality and lyricism through the track ‘SAD BOY’. This is a must listen to anyone who enjoys new-wave raps.

Listen to ‘SAD BOY’ by Dani Twice-

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