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Seven Layer Piano Cakes – Holy Water – Sagittarius J Mix

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is a project led by Sagittarius J who is known for his mystical blending of dream pop and rock. Justin Hoyt is a Los Angeles-based attorney and law professor who has found his musical calling and is working with a flame to create music that touches hearts. His music is a perfect intertwining of beautiful melodies and vocals that dig deep into emotions. His discography is a vivid array of his magical musical powers that will make your heart melt. His distinctive vocal texture is cherished by people around the globe.

I recently came across this amazing artist when he released his latest single which is named Holy Water – Sagittarius J Mix. The track is a perfect example of how deep and vast Justin’s musicality is. The track starts off with a heavy bassline that is something pulled right out of a dream. The guitars are ecstatic and structured with beauty. The drum rolls is what particularly caught my attention. The track is melodically and musically sound and this is what makes Seven Layer Piano Cakes stand out of the crowd. There are parts in the track where the melodies are so intricate that it totally blew my mind away. The simple yet so complex composition is his niche and he know how to do it well! This is surely a track that has allot of potential and probably will become a chart buster. Join Justin on his musical journey and try out his tracks. Trust me you will fall in love with this amazing artist’s innovations.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track here –

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