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Ori Shlez – The One | Musical Epiphany

Ori Shlez is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and sound engineer who pours pure love and passion into his music. Ori Shlez is known for his deep and vast musicality that engulfs the listeners in an immersive feel that digs deep into the consciousness. The way Ori carries his tracks just leaves me spellbound making me fall in love with his music every single time. He recently came up with ‘The OriShles Project’ where he displays various artists as collaborations on his track which are absolute masterpieces.

I recently came across the second track of ‘The OriShles Project’ which is named ‘The One’ which, as the name suggests is a love song that will surely throw you back in time reminiscing your love. This is a collaborative track with Joy Ng who has sprinkled magic dust on the track through her smooth heartfelt vocals. The track goes deep both musically and lyrically. The profound musicality is perfectly complimented by the deep and on point vocals. The track has some intense melodies that will surely overwhelm your heart making your heart melt with overloaded joy. The way Ori weaves music that drives the listeners into a deeper trip is remarkable. The element curation is perfectly done which makes this track super-special. The melodic vocals flow like butter on the music making it seem weightless.

This is a track everyone should listen to who has ever fallen deep in love, you will relate to this track deeply. Listen to ‘The One’ by Ori Shlez-

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