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Nëk - Misti's Blues cover art
Nëk - Misti's Blues cover art

Nëk – Misti’s Blues | Lyrical Epiphany

Nëk is a hip-hop artist who is known for his unique musical skills that have the power to move the masses and fill them up with energy. He made his debut in December with his single ‘Toxic Drama’ and hasn’t stopped ever since. This artist will surely captivate your mind and induce some deep emotions into your heart with his music. Do give this artist a go if you’re into some slappy 808s blended with some heart-felt melodies.

I recently came across this artist through his EP named ‘Misti’s Blues’ which is a masterpiece for sure. This is an EP that I can listen to on repeat for days. I’ve been listening to this EP for the past 3 days and can say with surity that this is one of the best EP I’ve ever come across. Do give it a spin! You will surely love this amazing EP and all it’s tracks.

The first track on the EP is named ‘Don’t Pray’ which is the intro to the EP. This is a dark-toned track that sets the mood of the EP. The vocals are executed well retaining the needed impacts. The lyrics are deep and heavily relatable for most of the people out there. The way this artist pens down his emotions and converts it into a track is just amazing. This is the track that got me hooked on to this artist. You should surely try this track out if you enjoy some hard-hitting hip-hop tracks.

The next track on the EP is named ‘Thantophobia’. Thanatophobia is an extreme fear of death or the dying process. This artist found a way to intertwine this theme with love and life in a very unique and innovative way. The instrumental is soul-ful and surely something that will get you moving.

The next track on the EP is named ‘Record Straight’. The track starts off with an immersive melody that will put you in a trance. The track packs some cavernous lyrics that will make you contemplate some deep stuff. This is surely my favourite track on the EP.

The next up is ‘Pretty Girls Love Jazz’ which is a perfect club banger. The hook is catchy and latches on to your head right off the bat. The trumpet melody will surely leave an impression in your head. Do give it a try.

The next track is the bridge that connects the EP to the outro. The track is named ‘Cold Outside’ and is something that will resonate with the masses. The track sets the mood for the final track of the EP which is named ‘Never Bend Never Fold’. The last track projects some ecstatic melodies and a rhythm that is innovative. The vocals are deep and a perfect match for the vibe of the track. This is a msut listen for anyone who cherishes hip-hop.

We had a chance to have a little chat with Nëk about the album and here’s how it went-

1. The tracks sound amazing! What was your inspiration for the album?
A. My inspiration for Misti’s Blues was my moms nickname was Misti blue and me being a fusion of blues HipHop and jazz it just made sense just a double entendres. 
Also , Me and my mother had conversation and she expressed to young kids addicted to drugs and how it broke her heart witnessing it in the inner city as well as her son being a recovering addict. All In all it was a masterpiece discussing that conversation and what I believe would help the current situation. 

2. Your lyrics are dope and display a purpose. How did you start out your music career and what ignited the spark in you?
A. I would say that I was born making music to be truthful honest . I was born into a musically gifted family , some producers my two half brothers rap and my dad was a real gifted singer . Growing up i tried everything other than rap to be truthful honest . I play the sax , the cello and tried my hand as a producer but what really pushed the purpose out was when I was doing content creating before deactivating that account . I was a motivational speaker and before my friend died , he locked me into the studio and ever since then been running with it. 

3. What is the message you’d like to send out to your listeners and the viewers of the blog?
A. To all the bloggers and listeners I would say be you be the rawest version of yourself you can be , authenticity is the best thing for us all and never quit,  it’s gonna be hard just put your head down and go on.

4. The productions soulfully compliments your tracks! What is your procedure for creating tracks?
A. As far as creating tracks go I just flow . I try to aim for beats where I don’t think I just feel . I listen to a wide range of beats and then once I hear the one I feel like wow it really just flows honestly . My rule myself is if I gotta think too hard it’s not the right time or the right beat and I switch to the next one . 

5. You’ve been consistent for a long time now. What is behind the motivation that keeps you going?
A. What keeps me going is just a natural drive I have to succeed . My entire life all I know is keep going especially with things I truly want no matter the challenge no matter the obstacle I just keep grinding . When I’m discouraged all I think about is what Nipsey said and it’s your closer to where you want to be then if you turn back . Your gonna miss 100 times but it’s on you to try until you get it.

6. What do you believe makes your music stand out of the crowd?
A. To me my music stands out because it’s authentic and kinda stands in its own lane. My beat selection to a more traditional mind may not make sense but I always like to think if I can’t be myself on the track then maybe that’s not my lane.

7. Is there a special memory you have, while creating the album that you would like to share with us?
A. My favorite part I would say of the entire piece was the day I made cold outside . I was just driving through my city kinda like a trip down memory lane and just seeing the vibes of all the people good or bad and remembering each spot what I was doing then and how much things have changed throughout the years.

You can catch a little glimpse of the EP down here-

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