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Weston & Teston – Tellin’ | Phat

What a phat bassline! That’s the first thing I noticed. The bass is really nice and tight while the kick is perfectly amplifying it. The snare also seems to sit in really well. That’s a feat not many producers can achieve. Its almost like one of the biggest issues beginner producers face but Weston and Teston are taking a masterclass in this track to show us all that its not impossible. Amazing work!

Weston and Teston are an electronic music duo from Toronto, Canada and the main purpose of their music is to make people smile, laugh and dance. What an innocent motive to create such amazing work! These guys make music with phat basslines and amazing vocals that just take the listener to another world that’s devoid of worry and is filled with happiness. An instant pill for sadness and worry.

The song starts with some vocals to set the mood. The lyrics are not bad and act as a chorus throughout the track. Heather Jennsen has done a good job on the vocals that are just overshadowed b y the phat bassline later on in the track. The introductory vocals are really good and the background melodies go perfectly with it. An overall amazing mix has made all these elements sit together so well. Weston and Teston have amazing potential and are really putting it to good use!

What I find the most interesting are the percussions that just change the whole structure and feel of the track. Amazing work!

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