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Snayx-Cigarette | Dance-Off

If their 2018 track Deranged made you presume they were a one hit wonder, Snayx surprised you. Come 2019, they released Body Language, a kicking single that made you want to dance your boots off. Last year was another fun track False Friends, so you better bank on the fact that they aren’t taking it easy. This is Snayx with Cigarette.

With a riff that revamps the Kyuss and early QOTSA years, Snayx have a penchant for drama. It’s all screen all formats OTT drama, so there’s really no time or place for it. With a catchy hook and equally catchy lyrics, they know exactly what adventure ride everyone likes to repeat at the park, and they’re giving out VIP tickets. Cigarette has the harmonics and musicality of a pop-punk hit, but by the time Snayx are done doctoring what you hear, you’re in a whole new spectrum.

Coming off their huge sounds in Body Language and bass heavy riffs that have dominated their tracks, this group isn’t really scared of taking risks according to sound or what we hear. They’re very much in that “finding yourself” phase, but we get a kicker out of each spriritual renaissance. They take effort and give out top class produced tracks with no signs of slacking or sub-standard quality work. Luckily, they’re touring now in the UK, so whoever is lucky enough to listen to them live, please do so. We can promise you’ll need a cigarette afterwords.

Listen to Snayx with their catchy single Cigarette here:

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