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Suburban Son-from your heart to mine
Suburban Son-from your heart to mine
Suburban Son-from your heart to mine

Suburban Son-from your heart to mine | Smooth swagger

Suburban Son is Jonas Lidholm. After having quite an illustrious music education and experimentation for several years, he has finally forayed into music. As listeners, you aren’t supposed to assume much before you listen to an artist, but I feel its safe in this case. Suburban Son releases their first single, from your heart to mine.

You can always somehow tell when a multi-instrumentalist touches a track. It’s a kind of Midas touch deal, with the instruments overlaying with foreshadowed precision. The track itself has a strong conscience of being artwork that combines years of lab hours and potions to craft something that’s fresh and new. A steady swing dominates the track in this case, while the keys and guitars do their waltz.

Unadulterated and untouched, Jonas’s vocals do justice to the layering in the track. With an honest approach such as storytelling or stand-up, we understand how primal and original his connection to the listener is. The patches for the keys make it an interesting second half of the song, along with the chorus that lets us know something is always afoot. All the way from his hometown to his college in Boston, he’s learnt of music and stories to tell. You better bank on the fact that he’s just beginning, and this is the big bang!

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